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Jennifer Pitt



About Jen

I have a love for all creatures great and small and all that comes with it… fur, feathers, scales, diverse personalities and quirky characteristics.

I believe that until one has loved an animal you may be missing out on an experience that is very special.

Our canine companions are the centre of our lives and our affections. They are our closest companions and allies with their unconditional love and loyal nature. Happiness is to see them enjoy themselves.

I have shared many special experiences working with all types of animals during my work and travels - dogs, koalas, parrots, orangutans, sun bears, elephants, giraffes, zebra, meerkats and red panda. Patience and kindness is the essence of caring and rehabilitating such beautiful animals.

I am a qualified veterinary nurse that holds a police clearance with full insurance.

Dogs are irreplaceable companions in our lives, simply…

Dogs are Happiness - they look after us and lead our life in the right direction!