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Jennifer Pitt



What my clients have to say…


‘Nero was an abused rescued dog and he was very timid when we got him. He loves being cared for by Jen, she has been looking after Nero for a few years now. She is very gentle and patient with him. When I am away or busy with work or I feel that Nero needs a bit more attention, Jen is always more than happy to look after him. To anyone that has a fur-baby, I can’t recommend her highly enough’.



'We call Jen the ‘dog whisperer’! My two little Maltese Terriers - Pippy and Chloe, love it when Jen looks after them, and we love it that they love her.   Jen has a natural affinity with animals.  She is genuinely caring and alert to the needs of my puppies and balances this with a great sense of fun.  Because of her veterinary nurse training Jen also brings a level of expertise with how she looks after pets and has the ability to bring to your notice any issues before they become a real problem. Importantly, Jen is exceptionally trustworthy.  I highly recommend Jen Pitt to anyone looking for someone to help them with their pets.'



'Jen is fantastic at what she does, she has a way with animals; Geordie and Bonnie get so excited when they see her, their little Scottie tails wag furiously as they know they are about to receive endless pats and a walk or two. I highly recommend Rolls & Strolls’.



'I have known Jen for five years and during that time she has looked after our dog Ollie, our cat Mia and our four chickens, many times. I wouldn't trust anyone else to care for our family pets. Jen has such a kind and caring nature and has created a strong bond with Ollie and Mia. She has spent many hours taking Ollie for walks and playing with him. She takes the time to get to know each animal and has formed a special bond with all of our pets. If you are looking for someone who is honest, trustworthy and who would care for your dog like she would her own then I would highly recommend Jen. You won't be disappointed and your dog will have a friend for life'.



‘Jock loves being cared for by Jen when I am away; he never frets for me. I can leave knowing that I have nothing to worry about, which is such a relief.’



'I’ve used Jen’s services several times now and she always goes above and beyond. What I appreciate most is her love for animals. Sammie always looks so happy when I come pick her up’.